Procedure for outpatient consultations


Appointment Time

Monday to Friday (Except for national holidays)AM 9:00 - 12:00
Monday, Tuesday and Thursday (Except for national holidays)PM 5:00 - 7:00
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
(Internal Medicine)
(Internal Medicine)

The reception will be closed 30 minutes in advance.

Visit Our Center

Step-1 Before Consultation

  1. Consult a local medical institutions (Family doctor)

    A referral letter issued by a local medical institution is required for the first visit to our hospital, based on the policy of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. The mission of our center is to serve the highly advanced medical technology of sports medicine. However, if it is difficult to get a referral letter, please directly consult to our hospital. In case the patient does not bring a referral letter, 2,600 JPY will be charged for each person.

  2. Make an appointment

    All patients need reservations. Please request a consultation appointment by fax to our regional medical relation office through the local medical institution. If not, via telephone, online reservation system or visit to Hyogo Rehabilitation Center Hospital, please make a reservation on the outpatients date and time of medical examination.

    Please complete the application form below, the Allergy Questionnaire, the Orthopedic Medical Questionnaire, or the Sports Internal Medicine Medical Questionnaire and bring it with you on your first treatment day.

Appointment Service Desk Information

Weekdays AM 9:00 – PM 5:00
TEL +81-78-927-2727
FAX +81-78-925-9266

When you make a reservation on the telephone, the following information is necessary.

  1. Full name
  2. Date of birth
  3. Sex
  4. Contact information
  5. Diagnosis or symptom of injury or illness
  6. Desired consultation date
  7. Desired department

Step-2 In the hospital

  1. Visit Hyogo Rehabilitation Center Hospital

    Access Map

  2. Fill out the following application form

    If these forms are downloaded and filled out in advance, your first visit application will be quickly processed.

  3. After the consultation application is completed, please proceed to the Sports Medicine Center where is located in the East block of outpatient clinic on the 1st floor.

Step-3 Payment

JHI (Japanese Health Insurance) holders

Pay your bill on your own upfront by following JHI payment procedures, and then file for reimbursement later.
Note that we do not accept insurance from overseas for JHI holders.

Overseas health insurance holders

We can accept guarantee of payment (GOP) ONLY when issued through the medical insurance companies. Before the appointment, please contact the insurance company which the patients have contracts.

Contact Information
Emergency Assistance Japan (EAJ)+81-3-3811-8124
International SOS Japan+81-3-3560-7170
INTAC (Tokyo Marine International Assistance)+81-3-3572-8677
AXA assistance Japan+81-3-6744-3322

About Online Reservation System

You can make a doctor's appointment on the Internet in order to reduce the waiting time.

  • You'll get a confirmation mail when your appointment has been confirmed.
  • Please complete the application form, the Allergy Questionnaire, the Orthopedic Medical Questionnaire, or the Sports Internal Medicine Medical Questionnaire and bring it with you on your first treatment day.
  • Please come to the hospital during the reception hours;
    • Mon, Thu 8:45-18:30
    • Tue, Wed, Fri 8:45-11:30
  • If you want to cancel or have any questions, please call us during the reception hours; 8:45-18:30 (weekdays only)
  • In case of emergency, please visit us directly.
  • If two or more people are going to see the doctor, each one of them needs the appointment.
  • If you are absent when your name is called at the reception, you will have to wait for a while.
  • If you have made a doctor's appointment on the Internet, please mention that you have a reservation at the reception.
  • Please note that the URL of the online reservation site has changed from 12:00 pm on July 21, 2023.

Sports Emergency Call

If you get injured in sports activity on holidays or at night, you may be at a loss whether you should call an ambulance or refer to the emergency room right away. In case of sports emergency, with the sports emergency dial, an orthopedic surgeon asks for symptoms over the phone and decides whether it is an urgent symptom or whether it is necessary to consult a hospital immediately. If it is suspected highly urgent, we will advise how to treat the injuries. If it is not urgent, we will introduce an available medical institutions or timing of consultation.

+81-50-3612-8484 Weekdays: PM 5:00 - 10:0
Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays: AM 9:00 – PM 9:00

For inquiries about sports injuries during our business hours on weekdays, please call the number below.

  • No initial consultation fee or referral fee.
  • If the patient is difficult to consult our hospital, we will guide you to the medical institution where the appropriate medical treatment is performed.
  • Since an orthopedic surgeon will take care of you, it may be difficult to deal with symptoms other than sports injuries.